Milton – Crisp Jr Dlx 3pc Casserole Set.

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  • Proudly Made in INDIA & Loved Across the WORLD: MILTON Casseroles are manufactured in India.  We are proud to say that Milton is the most loved dinnerware brand in INDIA.
  • Effective Insulation for HOT & COLD Storage: Milton Crisp Jr Dlx casseroles use High Grade Stainless Steel (SS304) for inner construction. Coupled with a thick Polyurethane insulation we ensure your food will remain warm for 4 hours & cold for 6 hours. Now AVOID REHEATING of food on stove & microwave which robs essential nutrition, taste & aroma. It also saves precious energy & time
  • Your food is SAFE and PROTECTED: Pinnacle products are FDA Approved & BPA Free so you can be carefree about your food’s hygiene. The design is a SOFT TOUCH design and materials used are ECO FRIENDLY
  • SET OF 3: Get 3 Casseroles of sizes 500 ml, 1200 ml and 2000 ml. 

Beige, Brown, ivory, Orange


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