About Us


Started in June,1988 as a fully fledged store in Ameerpet,Hyderabad, the business has grown from strength to strength to its present position of primacy among household stores in Hyderabad,India. Known for its unrivaled quality, variety and service, PlasticWorld prides itself on being The finest store of its kind in India.

Started initially mainly as a wholesaler of crockery, glassware and lighting products, we gained a good reputation for quality, so much so that international brands were sold at premium all over India over that of the company brand itself. We retain this reputation to this day where our customers trust us more than the brands we sell.

As time passed, we grew even more in reputation and status. You will agree that this track record set is difficult to beat but we believe that we have maintained and in some cases even surpassed the bar set by our earlier generations in terms of quality service and variety.

We have received accolades from several nationally known journals of India but the greatest honor is the praise we receive from you, our dear customers. Like the little old lady who insists her son drive her all the way from other corner of City even for a dozen glasses or like many customers from far off places Telangana and Andhra Pradesh who put plastic world on their itinerary whenever they visit Hyderabad. Or by the Thousands of expats in Hyderabad who honor us with their patronage. Our list of institutional clients would be too large to mention here, besides we would not like to infringe on customer confidentiality. Suffice it to say that our institutional clients both major and minor are of national and international renown. Incidentally, we also do printing of wares ordered from us.


The complete range

You can find the full range of products in our shop, from classics through to the latest new lines.

Satisfaction guaranteed

plasticworld stands for the highest standards of customer satisfaction and top quality – guaranteed